The most I will do is suggestive.

Type of commissionBase priceAdditional peoplePost Editing AddonAdvertisement Add On
Regular Photos100k+100k per person+100k+100k
Large events (clubs, weddings, etc)500k per 10 photosNANA+400k per additional 10 photos
Video + animation/emote of choice2 mil for 30 secondsup to 3 people additional 500k per personNA, factored into the base price+1mil
Regular Photos
Photo(s) of your choice includes 1 photo for 1 pose.
Can be up to as many people as wanted. Above 10 people the rate per person is doubled. this is due to the amount of time it will take me to pose them all and arrange them in appropriate positions.
Outfits: you can use an in game glam or let me know about a different outfit you may want, if there’s more than one outfit per person in requested photos it will be 100k extra per outfit per person
Large Events
As this will have many people, photos will only have a filter I see fit for the occasion. No custom poses for this commission type. You can have as many photos/angles as you want.
you choose the scenery, background noise, outfit and action you do.
Please note: This is not a commission to port animations to FFXIV. I am not capable of doing so and the only thing I can do is camera motions (if available.) This commission slot is just me taping the motion for you with editing if requested. I'm new to video editing but I'm willing to do my best on anything and everything!

When approaching me please have a place, outfit and vibe/personality of your character readily available. Character files are not required, we can arrange to meet up so I can save it. I do use mare/penumbra so you can also provide an MCDF

Post Editing
Minimal post-editing is factored into into the base price of all photos - just basic lighting adjustments
This add-on is for when you would like an overlay added on, either of my choice or you provide it.
Advertisement Fee
This applies to photos you commission me for solely to advertise something you do. Ex: club ads
This does not apply to personal photos you commission and may want to post/use for your carrd or socials. That only requires credit.
note: these photos can come with a clear background so they can be manipulated easily, please specify if you want this feature

Examples of commission types can be found below!

Video examples can be find on either my Youtube or Tiktok. Both have overlap but longer videos are located on Youtube!